Bridg-it has developed the most innovative model in the world, it allows a child to access help through the Internet in a safe way, it allows administrators and other support team individuals to act immediately in support of that child’s concerns
— Robert J. De Sena, English teacher and Founder of the Council for Unity

What is unique and revolutionary about the Foundation's vision and mission, is that it will use powerful community-based digital tools (the Bridg-it School platform) to gather real-time, confidential data on participants (targets and aggressors around the world) bullying and harassment incidents and then apply and evaluate in real-time restorative, research-based solutions from Bridg-it School's proprietary resource center.

The Foundation will target multiple types of communities which are sufficiently diverse in terms of geography, age, race, socioeconomics, gender etc. in order to evaluate and ascertain what are the most effective restorative justice techniques and activities that foster understanding, empathy and lead to remorse at both an individual and community level.