Bullying is the problem, Bridg-it is the solution.
— Thomas Krever, CEO of the Hetrick-Martin Institute

Director, Founder of Bridg-it


B.S. Accounting, Pennsylvania State University; M.B.A. Finance, Columbia Business School

Jeff Ervine, the Founder and President of Bridgit.com, is an impassioned tech entrepreneur with a Wall Street background. After being the subject and target of online bullying as an adult, Jeff Ervine set out to change the world for the better, starting with our country’s youth.

A graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, Jeff Ervine has leveraged his business acumen with his desire to develop a safer environment for children in schools and online. After spending the first two decades of his professional career in financial services as a CPA for Deloitte, he became a successful investment banker specializing in asset management focusing on the hedge fund and private equity sectors.

In 2008, Jeff was targeted and defamed online, spending years in court defending not only his own name, but his family’s. Mr. Ervine eventually succeeded winning a multi-million dollar lawsuit for cyber defamation against his attacker. It was during this trial that Jeff developed an expertise and passion for helping victims of online defamation. Creating and developing Bridg-it was the first step to provide school communities with the first sustainable solution to bullying, cyberbullying and harassment.

Jeff Ervine states,

“As I was doing research on recourse mechanisms to solve my online reputation problem, I learned, first hand, from educators, parents and students that traditional bullying had morphed into a much more serious form of aggression.  Digital communication and social media had permanently amplified the severity of bullying and harassment, causing unending pain and anxiety to student victims and their families.  I realized our children’s self image, confidence and hope were being destroyed; reactionary laws were being created by politicians, but no one was working on an easily implementable, sustainable solution to these new forms of bullying and harassment.  All a victim of bullying or online harassment wants, is for it to stop as fast as possible”.

Jeff, with the help of leading researchers, lawyers, educators, software developers, and students, has created Bridg-it, the first sustainable solution to bullying and harassment, in all its forms. Jeff Ervine has quickly become the leading expert in app development that will change the way our educational system addresses the social wellness issues of our nation’s youth. 

Despite the demand for his breakthrough technology and web app for Bridg-it School, Mr. Ervine has devoted time to speaking engagements and educating the public on the need for reform in the way our country’s private and public schools address and treat the victims of bullying as well as restorative treatment for the attackers.