Bridg-iT Foundation Co-Hosts Leadership Summit

Bridg-it Foundation Founder to Address Bullying and Building Positive Learning Environments at the I.S. 228 Leadership Summit

Event will bring together community leaders and influencers to discuss bullying prevention and management strategies 

New York, October 21, 2014 – The Bridg-it Foundation, an organization committed to cultivating safe, positive behaviors in communities, today announced its founder, Jeff Ervine, will speak at a Leadership Summit held on October 25th at I.S. 228 David A. Boody Junior High School in Brooklyn, New York. The Leadership Summit was created to offer tools and strategies to combat bullying in an urban setting, maintain a positive school culture, and resolve conflicts with effective and restorative methods.

“I.S. 228 has recognized the need to address bullying and harassment and has become a great example for other schools looking to build more positive communities,” said Ervine. “I am honored to be a part of this Summit, not only to share my personal experience with digital prejudice and harassment, but also to share insight into how schools can create change through effective and restorative methodologies.”

In addition to leading the Bridg-it Foundation, Ervine is the founder of Bridg-it, the only comprehensive anti-bullying safety solution that addresses the full lifecycle of an incident, from reporting through resolution. The software, Bridg-it School, is currently in use at I.S. 228 and has been a lynchpin in the school’s ability to build a positive and safe environment for learning. During the Summit, Ervine will discuss how his experiences led him to develop a solution that goes beyond reporting by providing access to research-based best practices in restorative techniques, enabling more positive outcomes for every incident reported.

The event will include presentations from leaders in the David A. Boody community that have contributed to creating and maintaining a positive culture and an equitable learning environment:

  • John Halligan, father of a 13-year old who committed suicide as a result of bullying in school and online, and an advocate for education and prevention of bullying, cyberbullying, and teen suicide
  • Bob De Sena, the President of Council for Unity, which promotes unity, safety and achievement in schools
  • Dominick D’Angelo, I.S. 228 Principal and Brooklyn native who has turned the I.S. 228 into one of the city’s most proactive schools dealing with bullying

The Leadership Summit will be hosted at I.S. 228 David A, Boody Junior High School located at 228 Avenue S in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, October 25th, from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

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About the Bridg-it Foundation

The Bridg-it Foundation was founded in 2013 with a mission to cultivate safe, positive behaviors in communities. The Foundation works to address and prevent traditional bullying, online defamation and harassment by conducting targeted research on methods proven to be most effective in both preventing bullying resolving conflict. The Bridg-it Foundation conducts and disseminates valuable resources such as anti-bullying research and best practices for teachers to practice restorative behaviors. Additionally, the Foundation provides programs and strategies for school leaders, non-teaching staff, teachers, students and parents. To contribute or get involved with the Bridg-it Foundation, visit

About Bridg-it

Bridg-it is the only comprehensive and compliant anti-bullying safety solution that addresses the full lifecycle of an incident, from reporting through resolution. With a curated resource center of proven best practices in restorative techniques, Bridg-it enables teachable moments and the opportunity for positive outcomes for every bullying incident reported. For more information, visit

One-off anti-bullying assemblies don't work

It takes commitment for a school to make an effective impact on school safety.

Earlier this year a great article came out on how schools can best make effective change in the quest to reduce bullying and incidents of harassment. The article cited UCLA professor Jaana Juvonen and her research on the topic, specifically "Bullying in Schools: The Power
of Bullies and the Plight of Victims."

Here's the abstract of the study: Bullying is a pervasive problem affecting school-age children. Reviewing the latest findings on bullying perpetration and victimization, we highlight the social dominance function of bullying, the inflated self-views of bullies, and the effects of their behaviors on victims. Illuminating the plight of the victim, we review evidence on the cyclical processes between the risk factors and consequences of victimization and the mechanisms that can account for elevated emotional distress and health problems. Placing bullying in context, we consider the unique features of electronic communication that give rise to cyberbullying and the specific characteristics of schools that affect the rates and consequences of victimization. We then offer a critique of the main intervention approaches designed to reduce school bullying and its harmful effects. Finally, we discuss future directions that underscore the need to consider victimization a social stigma, conduct longitudinal research on protective factors, identify school context factors that shape the experience of victimization, and take a more nuanced approach to school-based interventions.