The advent of digital communication and the creation of Social Media platforms has forever changed individual and group communication and behavior.

The ability of a community to effectively model and enforce healthy codes of behavior has been significantly challenged by today's digital communication.  The social value of an individual’s digital image and presence has taken on new meaning in today's digital society, significantly impacting one's social position in any community.

Programs that are grounded in research with high-quality implementation support, such as Bridg-it School, will help create healthier learning environments for students and deliver a long-term impact for positive change.
— Dorothy L. Espelage, Ph.D. Professor, Child Development Division


The Bridg-it Foundation's mission is threefold.

First, to support and assist in performing cutting edge research on bullying, cyberbullying and all forms of harassment and digital harassment.

Second, to develop engaging 21st-century Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula and other long-term solutions with which to effectively combat these problems.

And finally, to empower today’s students to promote awareness of both the problems (size and form) and the solutions to bullying, cyberbullying and harassment.